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About CorrMed

CorrMed is a leading supplier of innovative medical hardware and software solutions into the healthcare market, with a focus on UK and the rest of Europe.

The company is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of patients and enhancing efficiency of clinical staff, through providing fresh solutions managed by our team of experienced entrepreneurs. 

CorrMed is delighted to be working with partners including Visiba Healthcare, Med Theraputics and Air Science Technologies. We are also proud to be offering our own product line, CorrMed Bags, cutting-edge insulated medical bags, designed for use in all healthcare settings.

CorrMed Bags

CorrMed bags are specifically designed for the healthcare and emergency services. Quality, durability and value for money are 3 main focuses of our design team . We have over 20 years design and manufacturing experience

The CorrMed Team

The team behind CorrMed has a wide-ranging skill-set including commercial, operational, software and corporate finance.  Our diverse set of skills means we can support all aspects of a growing business ensuring a lean but thorough entry into the healthcare market.

CorrMed’s customers benefit from a partner with extensive experience in the medical sector. Through our team's skills and network of contacts, we can create a robust go to market strategy, source financial investment and prove the go-to-market plan using the CorrMed sales team.

The company was created with the future in mind. Our strong Irish and English foundation puts CorrMed in a strong place to benefit from the changing business landscape once UK exits from Europe.


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