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Community Nurse Bag

CorrMed bags are specifically designed for the healthcare marketing, specifically our community nursing bag. Our 3 main focuses are quality, durability and value for money to help you progress in the medical industry and treat patients expertly. Our community nurse bag is made with 420D Nylon and PVC backing. The PVC material lets you wipe away any unwanted bacteria or germs that it may have encountered whilst visiting different patients. Our bag has added infection prevention qualities as it lets you to wipe away any germs that may have got onto your bag during a patient visit.  Our community nurse bag also has removeable internal pouches and PVC walls, as well as a removeable insulated vaccine pouch with separate compartments, this will help you organise your medicine and vaccinations.


Inside the community nurse bag you will find foam panel inserts that allows you to organise and store your medical equipment within the bag easily, this will allow you to treat your patient faster and more efficiently due to know where everything is stored. The panels in the community nurse bag are cushioned for any impact protection, this is to make sure that all the medical equipment is safe and secure whilst being transported to different locations.


Our community nurse bag is bespoke and customisable to your needs as a community nurse. We have manufactured this bag to have a shoulder strap with innovative bayonet fittings allowing it to also work as a belt. Having the bag as a belt lets you work hands free and reach any equipment you may need faster than normal. This strap on the community nurse bag can be adjusted to your needs or removed if necessary. All pouches that attach to the belt are made with a clear PVC window allowing you to clean them easily adding infection prevention properties.


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