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About our Insulated Medical Bags

CorrMed have dedicated their research into the health care market in order to specially manufacture insulated medical bags. These bags are designed to regulate the temperature of the medication within the bag as certain medications need storing within certain thresholds. We’ve created the perfect insulated material which will keep medicines chilled for extended periods of time, so if you’re traveling there’s no need for refrigeration.


Our insulated medical bags are highly visible, hard wearing and have efficient storing space allowing you store a variety of medicines and medical equipment; providing you with the perfect solution for your medical requirements. We have designed the insulated medical bags to be compact and comfortable even when full. This has been achieved through an adjustable padded shoulder strap that can be modified to suit your preference, or simply removed if unnecessary. Hygiene is also another factor we’ve considered especially as we know how important it is when dealing with medical situations. We’ve therefore developed our insulated medical bags so the material is easily cleanable whilst maintaining a tough and durable fabric.


Our insulated medical bags have been extensively tested by an independent UK testing company which have issued CorrMed with certificated and test reports confirming that our range efficiently keep products chilled at their critical temperatures for extensive amounts of time. It is critical to treat patients with the correct equipment and medicines and ensuring the medicines are kept chilled is our key priority.


We also have a range of insulated medical bag wallets/pouches which vary in size, from 3 litre to 30 litre capacity. They are built using a specially designed insulation material, which is suitable for insulated or vaccine transportation. We supply insulated medical bags that are designed to a prestigious quality and feature added infection presentation properties.


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