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Designing Medical Bags for First Aid Responder

CorrMed Shop provide high-quality medical bags designed specifically for the health care market . We have worked closely with first responders, firefighters and police departments etc. to provide the most suitable bag for each service, that’s developed from pre-existing designs and prototypes. Through our research and development, we’ve mastered a medical bag that’s durable, organised, highly transportable and well functionable. We also have a range of insulated bags which maintain the suitable temperatures of equipment. Our medical bags come in all shapes and sizes to best suit your needs.


One of the key features to a first responders medical bag is the method in which compartments are organised. When reacting to an incident, having the correct supplies in an orderly fashion allows you to provide efficient first aid without spending time looking for the correct apparatus. Through using these compartments you can carry your medical bag in a way that is familiar. However, the only issue with using compartments is that they can also be known to hinder and lead the user to confusion. We have therefore inserted compartments that are easily removable, allowing you to setup the bag to your person preference. Not only that but it allows for easier cleaning.


Whilst under intense pressure to deal with the incident at hand, your medical bag is expected to go through harsh treatment when rummaging for the correct equipment needed. We’ve therefore designed our bags using materials that are practical and durable all in which are padded internally.


Our medical bags offer a range of colours to suit the users sector within the healthcare market. These are ergonomically designed and built to a prestigious quality and feature added infection presentation properties. We are leading suppliers of innovative bags within the UK. Contact us for more information or click to shop now!


Added: 17 Jan 2019 00:00

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