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Durable emergency grab bags by CorrMed Shop

CorrMed have developed a variety of emergency grab bags specially costumed to all medical situations. Through the waterproof and wipe friendly material, the bag is not only extremely practical but hygienic at the same time. This ensures that the emergency grab bags are cleansed of unwanted germs and bacteria, providing a safer suitability to the medical situation at hand. This has been extensively tested through an independent testing company.


The emergency grab bags are designed and manufactured by CorrMed Shop have been developed to resist damage, with extra durability provided by the rubber feet, the bag is at lesser risk of tearing from being placed down repetitively. This is allows you to throw the bag down more quickly due to the non-slippery solution. The padded material of the emergency grab bags also prevents equipment and medicine from being broken or exposed helping eliminate the possibility of damaging the necessary supplies. As well as this, in terms of design, our emergency grab bags consist of a yellow reflective strip at the front and sides of the bag which offers greater visibility. As emphasised it’s important to be able to identify your bag and grab quickly for more efficient delivery times.


Our emergency grab bags feature elastic ampoule/accessory holders for up to 11 items whilst containing a Velcro holder for a small oxygen bottle. It’s important to keep your emergency grab bags well stocked so you’re readily available to deal with the incident. As well as this, we have incorporated quality metal YKK zips which provides durable long lasting use. 


Our bags are ergonomically designed and built to a prestigious quality and feature added infection presentation properties. Note that it’s important to ensure your bag is locked in a cool and dry storage area, completely out of the reach of children. Shop our range of  bags today.

Added: 14 Mar 2019 00:00

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