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How to setup a Medical Bag

CorrMed is a leading supplier of of innovative medical hardware and software solution into the healthcare market, with that said we also believe it very necessary to understand how to set up a medical bag.

Firstly, green is the standard procedure in terms of colour for medical bags within the UK, it’s common that EMS services will use red or blue. However, green is beneficial as it’s easily identifiable compared the rest of the bags used.

Pouches and pockets can be great for organising kit, CorrMed offer carry pouches for medical drugs. These can work alongside CorrMed’s medical bags. It is recommended that 30 litres is satisfactory for a medical bag, however with additional equipment and drugs larger volumes are available, despite the size of your bag, you will always have to carry it, which proves the pouches practical as an additional accessory.   

Laying out the bag should be done in order of accident procedure, whether that be DRABC, AcBc or MARCH, the accident procedure will help put a focus on the most important issues first.

There isn’t a defined set-up, it all depends on budget, skillset, medical bags and kit available, number of casualties expected to treat and so on. You can organise the main compartment using bags or mesh boxes, this help simplify the medical bag and also proved flexibility without having to repack for when situations change.

Our specialist bag range and medical bags range cover paramedic bags, emergency grab bags and other emergency bags such as trauma bags and drug kit bags. This selection of emergency bags is specifically designed for doctors, nurses and first responders. Many of our emergency bags are made with wipe clean material for easy cleaning and tough durable fabric for longevity.

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Added: 13 Sep 2018 00:00

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