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Insulated bags for emergency services

As leading suppliers of innovative insulated medical bags it’s always important to understand the properties of a medical bag and how they’re suitable to the tasks at hand. We’ll be looking into why our bags are suitable for emergency services.


Properties of insulated medical bags

When it comes to responding to an emergency you should consider the weight of the content within. To help reduce this load we’ve designed a insulated medical bag that’s easy to transport ensuring that even when compact the bag is comfortable and light in weight. As well as this a insulated medical bag should be able to keep products chilled at their critical temperatures for extensive amounts of time. Our medical bags have been certified by an independent testing company confirming they’re suitable for the emergency services. This is due to the insulation material which is perfectly designed to maintain the temperature of the products.


Accessibility of insulated medical bags

Our bags are highly visible, hard wearing and have efficient storing sectors contained within the bag. Our bags provide the emergency services with added accessibility through adjustable padded shoulder straps which allow for easy transportation. These straps can be modified to suit the users preference or removed if unnecessary.   


insulated medical bag pouches/wallets

We have a range of wallets and pouches which are created through specially designed insulation material which is suitable for insulated or vaccine transportation. This is ideal for quick access to medicines and products whilst being stored in various sizes, from a 3 litre to a 30 litre capacity. These pouches are manufactured to a prestigious quality and feature added infection prevention properties, ensuring that the emergency services can provide support that’s quick, efficient and clean.

As a leading supplier of innovative medical hardware and insulatedl medical bags, we’re happy to help which any question you may have. Contact us today!

Added: 07 Feb 2019 00:00

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