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Reliable medical bags designed for Doctors

If you’re a doctor and you’re making regular house calls, it’s important to have a reliable medical bag specially fitted with compartments to carry an increasing number of instruments and drugs.


Here at CorrMed Shop our medical bags have been extensively tested for their reliability to not only maintain the drugs at the correct temperature but to also provide efficient usage whilst organising the instruments. We have manufactured our bags to be adaptable to your situation, therefore providing removable compartments so you can make the bag bespoke to your needs. With advances in modern technology we’ve also developed our bag to be easily wipeable which will help kill any bacteria and germs that have built up over time. The easier it is to keep your medical bag clean the safer it is for the patients you are treating.


The medical bags we supply provide the option of a removable strap as this could simply not be necessary with your practices. Equally, the strap provides storability for emergency drugs that can be carried via attachable medicine pouches. Again, this is to increase performance whilst dealing with incidents, allowing you quick access to vital drugs. As the medical bag is personal to the user, the option to both have a strap or not have a strap will provide the user with comfort knowing they have the best set up for their own usage.


Whilst doctors do make regular house calls and planned visits, there are also urgent call outs in which you’ll have to respond to instantly. When pressure is applied medical bags can be handled vigorously and most likely take damage from being thrown about in emergencies. To therefore help sustain the condition of our medical bags, we have provided additional padded protection that will prevent drugs and apparatus from being damaged. We also have applied rubber feat to the under surface of the bag to prevent tearing. We also ensure that all our bags are waterproof so liquid can’t interfere with the equipment held within the bag.


If you have any further questions regarding our medical bags or would like to purchase a bag today, contact us one of our experienced team members at CorrMed Shop.


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Added: 30 May 2019 00:00

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