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Temperature controlled Insulated Medical Bags

Here at CorrMed shop we provide temperature control insulated medical bags in order to offer confidence and reassurance to the health care market where  sensitive products need to maintain their desired temperature for an extensive period of time. This may include drugs or vaccines with a low insulated mass that need to remain at a consistent chilled temperature.  


Our insulated medical bags are manufactured using specially designed insulation materials that help regulate the temperature of medications which has been tested by an independent UK testing company. CorrMed have also been accredited with an ISO 9001 quality management certificate. This gives our clients peace of mind that CorrMed have met the required standards of quality and will provide a product of the highest personal and required satisfaction. If your insulated medical bag is used correctly, it will keep chilled and sensitive items at critical temperatures during transportation.


Not only is it important to transport your insulated medical bags in the correct temperature, but it’s essential that the items inside remain secure throughout your travels. Our bags are therefore compact and insulated to a standard which is hard wearing and durable. We provide product safety through internal dividers which help both organisation and additional support. However, as your bag is personal to your own needs, these dividers are detachable.


Our insulated medical bags provide the key functionalities necessary for doctors, nurses and first aid responders whilst providing a hygienic solution to medical bags. This is due to the material of the bags being made for easy cleaning whilst using a tough durable fabric for longevity. They bags are made using a specifically designed insulation material, ideal for insulated or vaccine transportation. We are a leading supplier of innovative insulated medical bags within the UK. Our bags are ergonomically designed and built to a prestigious quality and feature added infection presentation properties. Shop our range of insulated medical bags today.


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Added: 25 Apr 2019 00:00

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