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District Nurse Bags

District Nurse Bags

CorrMed Shop provide a range of hard wearing and durable district nurse bags which are ergonomically built to a high and prestigious quality. We’re dedicated to enhancing the efficiency of clinical staff thus enhancing the well-being of patients. Our district nurse bags are therefore bespoke to the needs of the healthcare market aiding ambulance crews, doctors and first responders. We ensure that our district nurse bags are designed to be mobile, hard wearing and strong enough to allow you to store all your medical essentials all in one tidy and practical space. This is achieved through internal division sections which can be dethatched to create more space or for the ease of cleaning.

We know how important it is to know exactly where your equipment is stored ready for easy access, especially when responding to a medical emergency. We have therefore built in internal pouches as well as an insulated vaccine pouch, both can be removed if unnecessary. We have also built a range of district nurse bags that vary in size, suitable to carry the necessary equipment. As well as this our district nurse bags are comfortable to carry and are easily adjustable to suit the user, some of our bags include a shoulder strap that includes an innovative bayonet fitting for use as a belt to attach external pouches, equally to this, the shoulder strap can be removed completely. With over 20 years of design and manufacturing experience, our district nurse bags have been built to be light weight and comfortable even when the bag is full.

We also make sure that our bags are waterproof and include padded protection. Our district nurse bags offer a range of colours to suit the users sector within the healthcare market. Our district nurse bags vary from universal to Entonox, oxygen and drugs kit bags. We are a leading supplier of innovative bags within the UK. Our bags are ergonomically designed and built to a prestigious quality and feature added infection presentation properties. Shop our range of  bags today.



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