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Medical Pouches

Medical Pouches

CorrMed have designed and manufactures specialist medical pouches which are made from a high quality, clear PVC material. They are bound with black webbing and have colour coded wipe clean sides. They are designed to carry the essential items needed when dealing with a patient, and they have also been designed for easy access, allowing the user to attach the medicine pouches to their belts or straps on the medical bags themselves. We believe this is an important feature as it’s vital to be able to efficiently deal with a patient without having to take up time looking for medicines and equipment. This is a pro-active design that helps enhance the performance time of doctors, nurses and first aid responders. As well as this, our medical pouches are colour coded again to help differentiate between medicines and equipment.

Our medical pouches have been hygienically designed so that they can be easily wiped clean, removing unwanted and potentially contagious germs from your equipment. The PVC material can be sterilized easily and is the dominant material used for storing IV fluids, dialysis solutions as well as blood and blood products. Before PVC can be used in medical devises, it needs to be thoroughly tested. Here at CorrMed our PVC medical pouches have been  extensively tested by an independent UK testing company which have issued our medicine pouches with certificates or test reports confirming that we meet industry standards of health and safety.

When you’re assembling a medical kit, it can be very useful to group equipment together, like diagnostics. This makes it easier to find and deploy equipment when needed, allowing you to focus on the treating of the patient. With the use of the medical pouches strap attachment, you’re provided with more accessibility as you’ll be hands free. Not only that but you’ll be have the right equipment whilst on the go, keeping specific equipment together and saving time.



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